Transport SMF


Our fleet combines many small and medium-sized carriers with whom we have a long tested and successful partnership. This concept allows us to be highly effective and at the same time completely independent transport operator and manager. In addition, through our equity partners, we operate and manage our own fleet.

  • We coordinate selected routes and planned distances in advance.
  • Our working day starts at least 2 hours before the workday of our customers. This allows us to provide our clients with detailed information about the location of loads at the beginning of their working day, complemented by information about the expected time schedule for unloading and loading.
  • A detailed schedule account can be drawn up by us pursuant to a schedule set by our customers throughout the day.
  • To avoid the usual and common complications of loading and unloading of goods, we coordinate the arrival of trucks with the loading and unloading stations in advance and immediately inform our customers if there are deviations from the predetermined plan.  This gives our clients time to react and adjust their schedule in case of changes.
  • We monitor the document flow to be able to inform our customers promptly in the event of deviation of the loading / unloading station schedule