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System Managed Fleet

member of the Logcon East Group

The preferred transportation partner

of forwarding and logistics companies in Europe.

We are a neutral transport company that provides road transport and/or transport/logistics management services entirely through international freight forwarding and logistics companies.

Our international experienced Team – Dispatchers, Planners and Managers – are always at your disposal.


Independent transport operator and carrier management

Our fleet combines many small and medium-sized carriers with whom we have a long tested and successful partnership. This concept allows us to be highly effective and at the same time completely independent transport operator and manager. In addition, through our equity partners, we operate and manage our own fleet.


Control Tower

We organize, provide and control cargo transport for our customers and ensure optimal operational communication with all stakeholders in the transport process. In this regard, we as independent transport manager can offer successful innovative outsourcing concepts.

3rd Party Transport Provider

As a company whose main nature of business is transport operations and independent vehicle fleet management, we can rally many smaller and more narrowly specialized subcontractors under the specifics of cargo flows of our customers and their requirements. By combining strengths and neutralizing weaknesses we can achieve maximum effectiveness in fulfilling the objectives set.


legal Transport to iran

Information technology at the service of Freight Forwarding, Transport and Logistics

Information technologies are at the heart of the successful business strategy for the development of an effective, modern and prosperous business model in the field of transport and freight forwarding. Optimal use of IT resources leads to cost savings and increased profits, as well as convenience, combined with higher productivity.


Legal aid, advice and service

Through our corporate partners who have a long and successful practice in the field of transport, we can offer assistance in a wide range of cases – from carrying out the necessary legal formalities related to vehicle registration to offering counselling services if serious insurance problems require addressing.


Transportation to and from Iran with transhipment in Bulgaria

Thanks to our many years of successful experience in shipments to and from Iran, we purchase long-term round trips from Iranian carriers and assign the cargo exclusively to logistics and freight forwarding companies.