legal SMF

Through our corporate partners who have a long and successful practice in the field of transport, we can offer assistance in a wide range of cases – from carrying out the necessary legal formalities related to vehicle registration to offering counselling services if serious insurance problems require addressing.


Professional fields of expertise in:

  • Registration of legal entities, transport companies and branches in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe and Middle East.
  • Legal & tax services of transport and freight forwarding companies.
    Responsibility of the transporter (Convention CMR). Settlement of disputes and litigations.
  • International transport permits, licence of the Community, CEMT permits.
  • Contracts for transportation, shipment contracts, commercial leases of vehicles.
  • Labour law relations and regulations.
  • Recruitment of international transport drivers and transport administrative staff.
  • Reputable representation in the Bulgarian relevant state authorities – Ministries and Executive Agencies.
  • Appeals of the administrative and criminal sanctions in the home country and abroad, registration of legal subjects, dealing with procedures of a claim and executive nature.
  • Compliance.