Transport to Iran

Transportation to and from Iran with transhipment in Bulgaria

       Thanks to our many years of successful experience in shipments to and from Iran, we purchase long-term round trips from Iranian carriers and assign the cargo exclusively to logistics and freight forwarding companies.

         Sofia has always been and continues to be a traditional HUB of shipments to and from Iran, as Iranian vehicles travel between Iran and Bulgaria without paying additional costs and toll. This forms a serious price difference between their operations and direct operations with Euro 5 and Euro 6 tractors.

      We have a TAPA certified loading/unloading point fully equipped for performance of all customs formalities related to this type of cargo transport.
Since Istanbul no longer offers these possibilities, Sofia becomes the most financially advantageous center to carry out road transport to and from Iran.

           Through our network of contacts and guaranteed freight capacity we offer our customers not only reasonable prices, but the advantage to avoid the usual problems associated with transport to and from this destination.